Propulse analytics
The most advanced retail purchase prediction tool in existence.
The most advanced retail purchase prediction tool in existence.
The Solution
Built to perform.

Consumer tastes change according to their moods, their previous purchases and their spontaneous needs.  In one given shopping session, consumers’ desires and intent can be completely different from the preceding ones.

Propulse analyzes the desires and intent of each consumer as it unfolds, also factoring in her purchase and browsing history in order to provide the most timely and accurate product choice available.

The Engine

Right product, right person, right time.

Propulse starts by understanding consumers’ tastes where others simply look at purchase and browsing history.

Recognizes taste
Analyses product images considering 39,000 variables simultaneously.
Historical data
Looks into historical data establishing browsing interest and actual purchase patterns.
Real time
Serves best matching products in real-time ensuring maximum sell-through potential.
Product availability
Looks into the inventory to determine what is, will and should be available.
Using AI in an applied commercial context.
AI applied to tastes will change the function of recommendations from an add-on to a new rule for online shopping experience.

Deep Learning

Natural Language

Machine Learning

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